Dermaroller for Home Use

Dermaroller for Home Use

The modern-day magic wand of skin care

Are you really happy with the results of your skincare, or do you think they could be better? Did you know that only minor fractions (maximum 0.3%!) of the active substance of your favourite cream can penetrate the surface of your skin? The majority of it – 99.7% – is wasted on your towel, pillow or cotton-pads. So if you want to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your skincare products and treatments then you need a dermaroller for home use!

Description of the dermaroller

Our dermaroller for home use is a cosmetic skin tool that dramatically increases the penetration and effectiveness of active substances up to 40 times compared to normal topical creaming. By rolling the cylinder on the skin’s surface you create micro-channels that effortlessly drive active vitamins, lipids and substances deeper into your skin, whilst stimulating the skin’s natural renewal process.


Our roller has nearly 200 stainless-steel micro points that painlessly create thousands of tiny channels in the outer layer of the skin, allowing vitamins, enzymes and lipids to penetrate more deeply. Needle tips or micro-points are so fine they can barely be seen with the naked eye and only penetrate the epidermis and cannot reach the dermis.

Homecare Roller
The length of the needles in our dermaroller for home use is .25mm. This roller is perfect for treating your face and other delicate areas

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Advanced Roller
The length of the needles in our advanced roller is .5mm. This roller is suited for treating cellulite or stretch marks because the skin is thicker. It is also ideal for those who have used our dermaroller starter pack and require a more advanced at home treatment. This roller will induce some collagen and dramatically increase product penetration.

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Please do not be fooled into thinking that longer needles are superior and will give better results! At dr. dermacare your safety comes first. This is why we refuse to sell rollers with longer needles to our retail customers. We have been selling rollers for over 5 years, long before the influx of websites that clearly put ‘profit before principles’ came along. Our knowledge experience and research clearly tells us that you can cause permanent damage to the nerves and muscles beneath your skin if you roll regularly with longer needles.

Needles longer than .5mm should only be used by professionals for medical treatments.

Benefits of the homecare dermaroller when used in conjunction with active substances:

  • The process is entirely natural
  • Dramatically increases the penetration of your skincare products and treatments.
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Visibly reduces scarring, sun damage and pigmentation
  • Skin becomes thicker and healthier
  • Dermaroller can be used at home use or anywhere
  • The process is pain free
  • There is no damage to the skin
  • It can be used on thin skin
  • Supports collagen and elastin repair
  • It can be used on all areas of the face, neck and body
  • It is cost-effective, and lasts up to 120 applications
  • Enhances Iontophoresis and Sonophoresis treatments

Use of the dermaroller

Apply a thin layer of your chosen dr. dermacare skincare product and ‘roll’ it gently into your skin with the roller. Only a medium pressure should initially be applied. Scientific data is based on rolling 10-15 times in the same area in all directions. In this case around 240 microinfiltration- pores per square centimetre are set. The pores close within minutes thus locking in nutrients and supporting skin renewal.
When you purchase a roller from us it will come with detailed instructions

Indications for Use

Suitable for all skin types except for use on active acne, eczema, warts, moles and skin cancers. It should be used only and exclusively by the same person. The infiltration channels are closed in less than one hour after the treatment.

About Skincare

Once more we would like to point out that the dermaroller is only a tool to enhance the penetration of active substances in skin care products into deeper skin layers. If these substances have a real effect, as claimed by the manufacturer, then it will show. If not – a change of the brand should be considered. This is why we recommend our dr. dermacare skincare range in conjunction with the dermaroller. We only use high quality, scientifically proven ingredients that deliver visible results.

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